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I came to California from England in 1974 with my husband and two young daughters. I had previously studied jewelry making and design at the Central School in London, England. In California, at West Valley College in Saratoga, I first tried ceramics and lithography before discovering the etching process. Then I felt I had found the medium I wanted. 

Both the zinc and the copper plates I etch my designs on to are ideal for producing textural effects. I ink the plates by hand, and print them on a hand-cranked press. 

Rich colors are achieved by color registration (involving the use of multiple plates for each impression) or by subsequent hand coloring with watercolors (including metallics) and fine-art colored pencils, the enhance the effect. 

I have also studied papermaking. Some of the paper I use to print on I make by hand from pulped fibers such as cotton, abaca, and kozo. In some cases I add color pigment to the pulp to create color-zones which form part of the final design. The work is small in scale (up to two feet square). 

My work is both abstract and realistic, with designs derived from microscopic life forms (both organic and inorganic), fossils, rock-formations, living creatures, and a range of natural phenomena. 


I am interested in combining this subject matter with ideas from many times and cultures - Celtic, Asian, African, Australian, and many more including those of the Americas.

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