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My first experience with “art” was when I was about 3 years old. My younger brother, Kenny, and me decided to make cake art on the kitchen floor using anything we could get out of the cupboards and refrigerator. It looked beautiful! Mom seemed a little upset though.

Kindergarten finger painting was the first real art I did at school. It was really cool. It looked like... well, finger-paint on paper.

In elementary school, it was pretty much the run of the mill stuff until 6th grade. There, I painted a poster for the Visiting Nurse Program. In a offset circle it showed a picture of a nurse in the early 1900’s with swishing lines to the then present day. The teacher really encouraged that sort of involvement with programs like that.

In Junior High, it was Mechanical Drawing and Art that I really liked. In the art class, one project that we had to make was our own cereal box with pictures on it. Mine was so ugly that I threw it in the trash. The next day as I walked in the hallway, to my great surprise, there in a display case was my ugly work on display with a few more cereal boxes! In class, the teacher asked who it belonged to. I was so embarrassed that it was so ugly.. dark green and grey, mixed in the most atrocious way possible... that I never claimed it to be mine!

High school was a little better... sort of. Art class was great but I was not. I tried to paint a picture of a girl I had a crush on (definitely a one way situation) but it made her face look so flat that I threw it away and never told her about it. I was starting to have an interest in science and more or less, went in that direction. Even so, art was something that interested me throughout the years. I painted a few pictures of abstracts, landscapes and an occasional attempt at a portrait or two. I sent in cartoons to several magazines but got the typical rejection letters. Should have kept those for a good laugh now and then!

In the work environment, some of my cartoons were published in the company newspaper, one even going to Japan. I guess that makes me an international cartoonist or something!

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