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Joyce Hasselbeck is the feactured artist of the SRAG winter months on our Facebook website.  

Joyce Hasselbeck-Fowler, Fine Artist 

Hasselbeck's paintings capture the affects & qualities of light as it reflects, illuminates and casts shadows and often creates the illusion of glowing from within. 

Hasselbeck's paintings reveal an extraordinary ability to capture the effects & qualities of reflecting light illuminating her subject. Often this artist will combine several ideas or variations on existing ideas and enhance the light, shadows, and atmospheric conditions. Fascinated by the light- and having an understanding how it affects the appearance of the objects it both illuminates and shadows-she creates an exquisite essence that makes the painting appear to be illuminated from within. To achieve this illusion, she draws and paints the subject in-or as if in-direct bright sunlight infusing it with brilliance. Another illusion she uses to display a mood is light early or late in the day-when shadows are longer-and into evening. 

Her primary method is to observe the subject-its essence, color and light from nature.

Next Hasselbeck enhances the painting by using her heart-expressing feelings, intuition, and interpretations of what she sees. The original beautiful reality-coupled with the artist's personal vision-becomes the appearance of a new reality, "capturing the light" and the subject's essence in the painting. 

This realistic and creative method uses the reality and her first impressions of the reality. Then she often pushes this with light, shadow, color, texture, subject simplification, atmospheric conditions-or other techniques in her repertoire-to enhance her final artwork capturing a celebration of the light. 

Portraits of people and animals are this artist's specialty. Although also recognized for her luminous natural scenes, floral, still life and murals, Joyce Hasselbeck enjoys conveying the personality of her subjects by capturing its distinctive moods and feelings. She uses a realistic style-tempered with an idealistic touch to achieve a warm and lively appearance. The artist works in pastel, oil, watercolor, pen and pencil. 

The artist's natural ability was apparent from her childhood. Professional recognition has been granted through numerous awards received for art shows entries-as well as her excellent reputation for fine commission portraits.


Additionally, Hasselbeck is highly respected as a teacher, lecturer-demonstrator and art show judge.

Hasselbeck is a signature member of both the Pastel Society of the West Coast and the Society of Western Artists, a member of the Santa Rosa Art Guild

Contact info.: joycehasselbeck@att.net

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